[Libav-user] Too Large of PTS value while playing rtsp stream

Xiemin Chen chenxiemin at gmail.com
Mon Jun 9 03:06:36 CEST 2014

Dear all:
    When I play rtsp stream with android device and ffmpeg 2.2.1, I found
that the pts value of first successfully decoded frame is:
        Url rtsp:// stream 0: first decoded success at
delta 2090, pts 3494863833 | stream.cpp:204
    I print this log with the following code:
        do {
            av_decode_video2(mpCodecContext, &frame, &frameFinished,
            if (frameFinished <= 0)
            if (!isFirstDecoded) {
                isFirstDecodec = true;
                LOG("Url %s first decoded success at delta %d,  pts: %lld",
..., (long long int)ppacket->pts);

            // TODO process packet
        } while (isRun);

    The pts value on X86 with ffmpeg 2.2.1 is right, but not for android.

    Because I need to sync multi rtsp streams so I nned to use the pts
values of streams.
    But now the pts values of streams is vary large and nearly randomly
value, so I cannot position the stream start time, also I cannot sync the
    Cannot anybody help about, how can I get the right pts value? or how to
sync multi rtsp streams?
    Thanks very much.

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