[Libav-user] some differences between ffmpeg-3.3.3 and ffmpeg-3.4

Liyong (R) jackly.li at huawei.com
Wed Feb 7 11:55:11 EET 2018

Dear libav-users

When I used "avcodec_decode_video2" for real time Mpeg2 decoding(one-stream-in-one-frame-out), I found different behaviors between version 3.4 and version 3.3.3.

When I used ffmpeg-3.3.3, it could work as I expected, just one-in-one-out, However, with ffmpeg-3.4, it could not give any output frames sometimes. It seems that there is some kinds of buffer in it.

Can anyone tell me the reason or some method to deal with the problem? Thanks!

Best Wishes!
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