Data Fields
VVCRefPic Struct Reference

#include <dec.h>

Data Fields

struct VVCFrameref
int poc
int is_lt
int is_scaled
 RprConstraintsActiveFlag. More...
int scale [2]
 RefPicScale[]. More...

Detailed Description

Definition at line 45 of file dec.h.

Field Documentation

◆ ref

struct VVCFrame* VVCRefPic::ref

◆ poc

int VVCRefPic::poc

◆ is_lt

int VVCRefPic::is_lt

Definition at line 48 of file dec.h.

Referenced by add_candidate_ref(), check_mvset(), derive_dmvr_bdof_flag(), derive_mmvd(), and smvd_find().

◆ is_scaled

int VVCRefPic::is_scaled

◆ scale

int VVCRefPic::scale[2]


Definition at line 52 of file dec.h.

Referenced by add_candidate_ref(), mc_scaled(), mc_uni_scaled(), scaled_ref_pos_and_step(), and schedule_inter().

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