[Ffmpeg-devel] MOV demuxer issue

Robert Swain robert.swain
Thu May 11 14:51:37 CEST 2006

On Thursday 11 May 2006 13:23, Steve Lhomme wrote:
> Hi guys,
> We found a quicktime file that is demuxed incorrectly by libavformat
> (latest CVS).
> ftp://uleguadv:refulavi at ftp.divxnetworks.com/HDseenoevil1-720p.mov
> Symptoms: when you try to remux the audio to a .aac (m4a) file, the file
> is 13 MB long. And it doesn't play correctly in all AAC decoders I
> tried. The MOV file plays fine in VLC (which has its own MOV demuxer).
> If I remux the file in MKV (plays fine) and then extract the .aac
> content (657 KB), it plays fine too.
> ./ffmpeg -i /C/test/DivX/HDseenoevil1-720p.mov -vn -acodec copy toto.aac
> After some investigations I noticed that at some point in the file the
> pkt extracted is 325500 bytes big, which is a lot for an AAC frame. So I
> assume this is a problem in the demuxer. Given other demuxers have no
> problem with that file.

ffmpeg -i HDseenoevil1-720p.mov -acodec copy -vn toto.mp4

toto.mp4 plays fine.

ffmpeg -i HDseenoevil1-720p.mov -acodec copy -vn toto.aac

toto.aac breaks on playback giving a whole lot of "FAAD: error: Unable to find 
ADTS syncword, trying to resync!".

[Playback was conducted in MPlayer]


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