[Ffmpeg-devel] thp audio decoder

Kislyakov Maxim spidy
Tue Apr 3 16:21:52 CEST 2007

Marco Gerards wrote:

> Someone reported a problem with one of my patches for THP and ADPCM,
> perhaps he encountered the same problem as you did.  The speakers of
> my development box are of very poor quality, I will test my
> implementation on another box.  When I got it all fixed, I could have
> a look at your patch to see what is wrong there.

I have found the problem, it seems that it is with my kdevelop which i
have uses as IDE. After i cleaned project and compiled it with command
line everything began to work, i don't know why i had encountered this
problem, i searched for error for a very long time, and this is some
bug in my version kdevelop. Now mono sound is working ok, and now
debugging stereo.

Anonymous Anonym wrote:

> Similar IPs may be because we live in same town, as i understood from Maxim's e-mail he stadies in Vladimir State University, i study in
> Pedagogical Vladimir University.
Yes, i am studing at Vladimir State University now.

>I also have written to his mail to know how is it going, but he didn't reply.
> But with my letters i seem to spoil him sth, so i hope he won't take offence on me.
I haven't received any letters from Anonymous. I won't take offence if
it won't change the way other peoples look at me.  I want to know more
about you. Could you send me you contacts to e-mail?

Michael Nedermayer wrote:

> yes the wiki said and says that duplicate work should be avoided
> but it doesnt say its forbidden, and its too late now to forbid it, it would
> be unfair for thouse who choose a task someone else already choose ...
I have written that i want to take this task in application, it was
free at that moment, i was thought that mentors look at coming
application and write names of students who wish to take this tasks.
Maybe it is because at start only comments to qualification task was
like : 'blah blah blah said he is working on this'. Sorry for this

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