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#6405: Compile troubles with “cuvid”, “nvenc” and “npp”
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Comment (by ahakon):

 Regarding the driver requirement it can be very easy:

 I suggest to indicate in the source code of files with CUDA the minimal
 version of the required driver.
 Also, a simple WARNING log when running some CUDA component will be also

 When I try to compile an updated version of the FFMPEG I found this

 - A recent version of the CUDA SDK is installed.
 - Then I can compile one git snapshot of the ffmpeg from some months ago.
 - When updating to a new git snapshot of the ffmpeg the same environment
 can compile it.
 - However the execution fails... and no one indicates the requirement of
 the driver.
 - After update the driver in my workstation, I can start to use the new

 But the real problem is the lack of sufficient info. In the source code is
 not described the minimal version of the driver. I've spent several hours
 to found the solution:
 Only the original patch submitted to the mailing-list has the info about
 the driver version bump.
 So, it will be very useful to include at minimum some comment in the
 source code.

 You agree?

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