[FFmpeg-user] Uninstalling ffmpeg

Reindl Harald h.reindl at thelounge.net
Tue Dec 1 21:37:43 EET 2020

Am 01.12.20 um 20:30 schrieb Carl Zwanzig:
> On 12/1/2020 11:21 AM, Reindl Harald wrote:
>>> If you don't have anything useful to say, better not to say anything
>> if the OP would have done "even the slightest research" the whole 
>> treahd won#t exist, it exists because are people tooo dumb or too lazy 
>> (chose what you want) to type their idiotic questions into some random 
>> search engine
> And yet, initially you could have said nothing but chose to insult. Then 
> you could have dropped the matter, but didn't. Instead, you're 
> reinforcing your own reputation as someone who never actually adds to 
> the conversation but only denigrates people -you- think are "stupid".
> Since I'm sure it'll a waste of your time, don't bother replying

you don't get it!

people need to learn empower themself by learn understand basics and use 
a search engine in 2020

what did i do in the 1990's without internet at all?

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