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Anthony Brown av at bsbc.nb.ca
Tue Mar 29 14:57:33 CEST 2011

On 11-03-28 06:37 PM, Victor Petrescu wrote:
> Sorry for double question but:
> You said something about change-ing the cacheing value... how do I do
> that? Both for vlc and ffmpeg?

I don't know of any caching value in ffmpeg, I think it writes to the 
ffm file as fast as it can.  In vlc you can add caching control from the 
command line, see: http://wiki.videolan.org/VLC_command-line_help

The commands are things like --sout-rtp-caching=<milliseconds> but the 
exact one you will want would depend on what stream output module you 
are using.  (rtp, http, etc.)

If you're using the streaming gui wizard thing, then the option is there 
under advanced options or some such, bt of course you can add command 
line stuff in the gui anyway.

I seem to recall that there is also a DirectShow cacjing value somewhere 
in the gui, too.  You might want to dial that down as well.

As far as discovering the format of your webcam stream, you could open 
the device for playing in vlc and then choose codec information and/or 
statistics from the menu.

Two other silly suggestions come to mind.  I notice that in your 
ffserver.conf file you have two machines listed in the ACL for the feed. 
  I would try commenting out the ACL line.  It's suspicious that you can 
access a feed from localhost but not from a remote host, isn't it?

The other is what version of ffmpeg/ffserver are you using.  I had to 
use a fairly recent version (from ubuntu 10.04 and later from the 
lucid-bleed repository).  The version in Ubuntu 8.04 didn't work right 
at all for me.  If you're using something 0.5 ish you probably should 
change and it might be worthwhile to roll your own, there's lots of 
tutorials available on that.



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